The most challenging, yet enjoyable, and inspiring run for me so far, and for that, I have these gentlemen to thank. Peter, Jason, Daniel, and Tom, it was an absolute pleasure. I couldn’t have done this race as a lone ranger, and I have a lot of respect for people that do Ultra Marathons alone.

Running for 8+ hours on muddy trail and towpath, wasn’t an easy feat, had I been alone, I would still probably be in a field somewhere, crying into a puddle. But, we managed to get through it as a pack, with the talking, the laughing, singing, and the eating. With the best remedy in the bleakest parts being Tom Flowers (top knot and leggings) belting out an eclectic mix of tunes, from the Village People, to Beyonce.

Thank you to everyone for supporting us, and for donating, and a MASSIVE thank you to the Cheerdem Crew, that came out to spur us on, and embrace our salty, delirious selves, at the finish line.

Training for the past 3 months was made more than worthwhile, even in giving up many many Saturday nights out, and spending a long time alone, training on the road.

45 miles from Country to Capital, done!

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