On the 18th I had the pleasure of running my third marathon through Richmond Park, side by side with barefoot smiler, Flowers(Tom Crossland), and another little gem, Miss Allan.

Running through a place that they spent much of their childhood, laughing at their memories, wailing Journey and Queen Bey, experiencing the repeat performance of the beloved Cheerdem, eating flapjack, deer spying, and picking up runners along the way, we couldn’t really have asked for a better jaunt out. It wasn’t even until 20 miles in that Liz turned to us saying ’…I am running a marathon?’ And even with hills and 3 laps of the park, she wasn’t fazed at all.

All that I wanted to be accomplished from running Richmond was for Flowers to finish with his petal toes in tact, and for Liz not to be traumatised by her first marathon.  With three beaming faces, teary eyed bear hugs and an afternoon in the pub, I think we managed that quite alright.

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