If you’re attempting to get as far away as possible from the monotony of a training programme, combining a few pals, a short train ride, and chips by the seaside, could be the one. On Sunday a few of us took a little venture out of London, and got on a sleepy train to Brighton. Our main plan was to meet Bike Dem Crew later on in the afternoon, after their mammoth cycle from London to Brighton, as well as mixing in a few miles along the coast.

Something I’ve come to realise is that if you’ve got miles to get in the bag, you shouldn’t feel like it always has to be hard work. Do what you want to do to enjoy it, and create an even balance. Running together along the beach and up and along the chalk cliffs, I saw another side to Brighton, as well as feeling like the 10 miles that we had done really seemed like nothing. Meeting our cycling babes after their 62 mile hilly trek, was a cherry on top, as well as putting our sunny little gallivant into perspective.

Dubious of the British weather I had a some extra clothing to carry so I bundled a few bits into my North Face FL race vest/ bag. Even with the amount of extra space, it’s far from bulky, and I was surprised with how comfy it was to wear even in the heat. Whilst the bag has been designed specifically with ultra running in mind, it can double up just as well for the runner taking a commute to work, or someone trying to fit their training run in and around other plans, with the need to carry a change of clothes and a towel.

Comfortable, and big enough to hold shampers, clean clothes and a book for the train home, but small enough to feel like you aren’t carrying much extra. As well as enough concealed pockets for lasses like myself, who generally manage to pack the kitchen sink. Double tick.

On the next Bike Dem/ Run Dem day trip I’m planning ahead, with some other day trip essentials.    

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