On Sunday, Run Dem Crew pretty much took over the Tiger Balm tent, and ran for the Born Free Foundation, an international wildlife charity, working to protect threatened species in the wild. Faces painted, and a few of the crew in fleece onesies, who are bigger men than I will ever be, we set out to run 6.2 miles alongside an assortment of some of London’s most iconic buildings. With a loop along Westminster bridge,  and a finish at Whitehall Place, ahead of passing Big Ben, the sites were at least something to distract from the struggle that should usually be found in a 10 kilometers worth of racing. Trying my best to chase speedy gonzalez Hugo, and being fortunate enough to have a running partner in the shape of Misha, of Moskva River Runners, I was dragged encouragingly to the finish line, to the place of 5th lady.

A task I want to set myself in the coming months, is to pick which distances to train, and essentially race, more specifically, for. Whilst I love to try my hand at running as fast as my legs will take me, I’m not sure whether I prefer to overcome the flat out pain and effort of short distances, or the mental struggle of marathons, and longer mileage.

But I guess, for now, I’m happy with any old mixture.

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