I’m naturally a worrier.  Always have been, and always will be. But in the run up to Race to the Stones, I’ve tried my best to push that little bugger aside, and not panic about the miles ahead. This was all going swimmingly, until I woke up this morning from a crap night’s sleep with nerves sloshing around in me. I haven’t really felt frightened, and surprisingly, I haven’t been that horrified at the thought of running 62 miles. So if anything, I’m really quite relieved. I was starting to think I’d gone mad.

Whether nerves take over or not, I’m excited for tomorrow’s adventure. I’ve come around to seeing the idea of running this race as a challenge, something that I’m apprehensive to see if I can complete with a smile on my face, and something that I cannot wait to see the rest of the North Face ladies finish on good old British landscape, in sunshine or storms.

I think a big hurdle is accepting to face something that puts you outside of a safe bubble of comfort, and with 9 ladies that have trained and prepared to do just that, I think that in itself is one goal for us all in the bag, whether we reach the finish line or not.

Our legs have done the training, all that’s left to do is count down the next 24 hours, not panic, and EAT.

Get us on that greenery!

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