Admittedly, with slapped wrists, I haven’t done enough intense cross training this year. I’ve been cycling on my bike a few miles here and there, and had the odd dip in the pool, but nothing major. Incorporating an assortment of exercises into your training regime keeps your muscles strong across the board, and allows certain muscle groups to take a well deserved break. So with that said, a delightful two day Channel Island training trip to Sark was just what I needed to break up my road runner routine, and give my body a shake up. I personally think that it’s really important to try and enjoy exercise.The last thing you should be doing when you’re pushing yourself to a physical limit is either beating yourself up, or loathing the activity that you’re doing.Yes, it isn’t always fun, but it shouldn’t necessarily be negative.



On a sleepy Tuesday morning in London, we were whisked away after a 5am wake up call, put on a short plane ride to Guernsey, and then on a boat to begin our Chase Summer challenge. Without any cars on the island, the quiet life means that the only options for travel are by horse and cart, bike, or on foot, so for our 30 strong group of ladies, this made for a more active few days than the usual tube commute. But in exploring in this way, being outdoors and taking in the sunshine, it didn’t feel like any extra effort. To be honest I’d much rather a commute like that, than sitting on the Central Line twice a day.




Together in our crews we shimmied our way through country bumpkin NTC, sprinted through Barry’s Bootcamp, dragged carts around fields, climbed into caves, and cycled merrily around the island. I haven’t much idea of how many chocolate points our few days burnt off, but even whilst doing burpees, planks, and press ups in pairs with the Nike Master Trainers hollering at us, it didn’t really feel like forced exercise. Our trip was a belting mid-week weekend, with a chance to workout with some great lasses and without an utter of ‘tedious-training’ in sight.
It’s always reassuring to feel like working out doesn’t always have to feel like work.

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