When you start starring each and every one of the tracks on an album, I think it can be crowned as a keeper. California’s Mtendere Mandowa, more musically known as Teebs, can be recognised specifically by the mixed layering of his creative palette, a token theme within both his visual his art, and music production.  imageimageimage

At the age of 26, Mtendere has grown from working as a singular teenage artist, into contributing towards collective musical projects; now holding solid collaborations under his belt, and two solo productions on Brainfeeder Records, as well a selection of visual artwork to go alongside this.  His newest release, Estera, consists of 12 combined pieces, and 39 minutes worth of escapism that I would highly recommend you taking out of your day. With looped soft beats, the use of foreign sounds, and the rare peppering of vocals, Teebs doesn’t tire with the same sounds throughout, but manages to marry this piece together into a calm sort of mixed tempo metronome. Even if your bag for music doesn’t include Teebs, then his artwork may at last be easy on the old eyes for you.imageimageFancy seeing more from Teeb’s? Click here.

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