With a head telling me no, and a heart telling me oh go on then lass, get seeking, get muddy, doubt can go and do one, and delayed decision making can take a seat. On Saturday the 17th I’m running 45 miles of Country to Capital 45, from Wendover to London. I ran this race as my first ultra marathon last January, and was lucky enough to be in the company of four rundemcrew2 friends, and, in turn, face the fear of unknown mileage, and unknown territory, with a diluted sense of doom, getting through it together as a pack. Despite the relentlessness that was an increasingly dusky 20 miles of canal tow-path in the latter half of the race, I had an amazing day, and it was an experience that changed much of my own perspective, with my relationships with patience, and the concept of ‘mind over matter’, being fundamental markers for me.

After collective experiences like this, and wanting to take what I’ve learnt from watching the strength of other people, I have had an itch to run an ultra distance alone, in an attempt to see how strong my mind is without the helping hand of company. So, this time around it will be interesting to see how my head fairs and how my legs get on as a lone ranger. Bring on the running chocolate peanutbutter picnic. Wahey.

Alongside the race I’m raising some money for the great work that the Children’s Trust do, too. Any donations are wonderful, thank you –

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