Moscow meets Manchester, meets the streets of Berlin. It was a nice little surprise to stumble upon this one in the first few miles of the Berlin Half, running our way together to the finish line from then on in. Getting home to a sub 1.30 by high-fiving kids, shimmying to bands, and riding with the humongous boosts from the cheerdem cheering beauties dotted around the course. I ran Berlin marathon in September but wasn’t too focused on what was going on around me, so I was glad this time to take in some of the sights that I’d missed the first time round.With London in just 4 weeks away at this point, I treated this race more like a training run, and used it as a mental test to see if I could pace myself consistently.

Whilst it wasn’t a personal best, I was much happier to have ran a race side by side a friend from overseas, and come to the finish line feeling like we had ran well but still managed to enjoy the experience. Some races I go out like a puppy, way too fast, and try to maintain a pace too far over what’s reasonable, getting to the finish line spent. In many respects, running a hard race and reaching the finish line with absolutely nothing left in the tank isn’t a bad thing, but setting off feeling like a whippet and then fading terribly half way through, is.

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