Ahead of cheering on friends that ran the Paris marathon, and after spending a good few days rambling around beautiful Parisian streets (and eating our weight in pastry) we decided to see out our stay by running a few laps on this hidden gem – centre sportif Emile Anthoine. The track is free to use, easy to get to, and with plenty of changing space.

I’m all for history, and generally tourist spots are so for a certain reasons, but it felt like a treat to have the Eiffel Tower so closely in sight without the crowds, and instead, be surrounded by people running, stretching, or playing other sports.

A few years ago I would never have imagined myself geeking out, trying to seek out 400m loops of red asphalt in foreign countries, but now I see them, in a weird way, as little running havens. Generally the people there will be appreciators of the passion that you love, and I think that’s quite a special thing.

Photography : Stephen Adjaidoo

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