This Summer saw the return of the Anniversary Games, combining a weekend filled with athletes from all over the globe, and all manner of athletic sports in a traditional nod to the 2012 Olympic Games.

On the opening night of this years’ games, myself and

20 other Nike Milers were given the opportunity to take to the stadium before the professionals, and race a mile on the track, complete with an audience. It’s safe to say that whilst speed work is often painful, this felt far from it, beating any previous trips to the red loop hands down.


Despite the yearly instance of my high school’s cross country course, and one bile filled memory of running repeatedly around an athletics sports day on our over grown track, my high school never athletically trained its students in a running sense. I loved sport, and didn’t do horrendously at running flat out that one time of the year, but we were never really given the means to get better at it. Whether due to this, or otherwise, I didn’t grow up with an interest in asphalt, though thankfully, as an adult, I’ve grown to love the track, and appreciate the astounding ability within athletics. So, having the opportunity to race around this diamond, and get reacquainted with the burning feeling  in my throat. before watching in awe as the elites did the same (albeit a lot quicker) was pretty darn special.

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