Sometimes you meet people in life and wonder, how? How do they juggle? How do they work on their own progression, raise up two children to stand as tall as a tree, make time endlessly for everyone else, and maintain a career that demands daily? Nanna Munnecke is that exactly.

Together with the stubborn strength that reverberates from my Mother to my own self, Nanna is one of the women in my life whom I’m proud and grateful to be able to learn from. I can say safely that I wouldn’t have been pushed to do many of the things I’ve done without meeting her, or in seeing how Voltwomen has formed, shaping the mindset of women all over to be bold, to break down barriers and to relay the pride to be a woman, myself included.

To learn more about this Danish 40 year old bubble of life, take a look at the New Jock’s latest piece on Nanna. With words written by the lady herself, photography by Nicholas Weissman, and video by Kalim Armstrong.

Whether it’s physical strength, or the ability to stretch your kindness further, I think we can learn a lot from how people such as this one faces life.



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