Today is International Women’s Day – hurrah! A day to celebrate female strength, freedom and pride, with women all over the world. Whilst there are many things that still need to be improved upon, as with any mode of progression, being a continual force, it’s important to see how far we’ve come so far. To continue elevating, not segregating, and to acknowledge how much further forward we are on a perpetual route to equality. To give a nod to the force of collective progression, and to understand how far that has carried us already.

I’m continually grateful to be born of the strength that flows from my mother, and to be surrounded by the countless ladies that I’m grateful to know. Women that I’m able to learn from, to be lifted by, and to look up to.  I’m thankful to be ushered to know that being a woman is not about feeling obliged to be a diluted version of yourself, but to be who your are, and not to be ashamed about it. I’m also grateful, on a daily basis, for the gentlemen who support this way of thinking, and don’t feel threatened by it. They too push, encourage and help women to aspire to be a better version of themselves.

To see out the day on foot, WMN RUN have a relaxed 5-6K run planned for this evening. All are welcome, both ladies and gents, even if you’re completely new to running.



Meeting at the LSE Library Exhibition Space at 6.30 pm, where we will have a look around the Women’s Library exhibition before we set off. Even if you’re new to running, come and join us – all are welcome. No bag drop available, please come ready to run.


Further details can be found here.


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