Just over three years ago I toed the line of my first London marathon, and my first marathon overall in fact. Among the sheer volume of nerves, mental doom and fear that morning, I never really anticipated the effect that one race could have. That initial cloud of fear dispersed with the motion of running straight through it and the knock on effect of getting across that finish line is something that has had a continually positive effect on my life. From finding out about Run Dem Crew, to understanding the boundaries of my limits, to discovering areas within the running field and the challenge of equality as a whole, that I now feel able to face.

As a result of that journey, I’m grateful to be featured in this week’s Coach Mag talking about the running seeds that were planted on that very day 3 years ago in London. Fourth time lucky this weekend, and I cannot wait to run my way around the city with good friends and strangers from near and far alongside.

Coach feature.jpg

You can pick up a free copy of Coach from a number of place. Have a ganders here.

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