Ticking off my first Triathlon: The London Tri

In every area of life there’s always more to be discovered, yet sometimes knowing when can be one of the hardest parts. Throughout the spring and summer of last year, my running feet were getting itchy. As a few friends trained for triathlons and took their training to the saddle and the pool my intrigue grew. After watching the Leeds ITU triathlon in May my … Continue reading Ticking off my first Triathlon: The London Tri


Fundraising link    ‘One child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world.’ Malala Yousafzai As I ran down the homestretch and onward to the finish line, I held on to the hands of a group of local boys and found myself simultaneously choking back tears. Emotions rose for all that I’d witnessed that morning, and the prevalence of all that we had learnt in the week … Continue reading SIERRA LEONE MARATHON


Just over three years ago I toed the line of my first London marathon, and my first marathon overall in fact. Among the sheer volume of nerves, mental doom and fear that morning, I never really anticipated the effect that one race could have. That initial cloud of fear dispersed with the motion of running straight through it and the knock on effect of getting across that finish line … Continue reading COACH MAGAZINE : LONDON MARATHON SPECIAL


Whether it’s your first, or your thirtieth marathon, when you’ve got a race up ahead and life to juggle along the way, it’s easy to forget even the most simple things. We all have slips of the mind, it’s part of being a human. So, here’s a list or two for marathon day, pre and post race, in an effort to prevent any unpacked mishaps. This lowdown also applies to weekends away, but … Continue reading 26.2 TICKLIST


I’ve come to find that progress is a continual thing. It isn’t a complete entity, it’s an ongoing process, be this in the country in which we live in, or for the world as a whole. I count myself lucky to have grown up in a society, that, whilst it may have its flaws, ultimately, it works. It aims to allow individuals the freedom of modern life, and offers children the … Continue reading SIERRA LEONE MARATHON : GIRLS SPEAK OUT


Today is International Women’s Day – hurrah! A day to celebrate female strength, freedom and pride, with women all over the world. Whilst there are many things that still need to be improved upon, as with any mode of progression, being a continual force, it’s important to see how far we’ve come so far. To continue elevating, not segregating, and to acknowledge how much further forward we are … Continue reading INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY


In training with the lovely WMN RUN ladies throughout this winter, I’ve come to find that a lot of the same questions were often being asked. What should I be eating before a long run? Should I carry food with me – if so, what? Gels? Energy bars? What do I stock up on for recovery?  Admittedly, we’re faced with food every day so it’s easy to take it for granted, … Continue reading WMN RUN | MAKE, TASTE & TALK


Sometimes you meet people in life and wonder, how? How do they juggle? How do they work on their own progression, raise up two children to stand as tall as a tree, make time endlessly for everyone else, and maintain a career that demands daily? Nanna Munnecke is that exactly. Together with the stubborn strength that reverberates from my Mother to my own self, Nanna is one … Continue reading NANNA SINE MUNNECKE : STRETCHING CAPABILITIES